What we want for UVT Liberty Marathon is to be as many as possible on 24th of May and also to make you smile. We invite you to participate at the event without paying a tax, but there is something you have to do.

The information can be read below and the details can be found in the Rules and regulations.

Hurry up! It does not last forever! The campaign takes place between 05.03.2019 - 05.04.2019.


your shoes

You certainly have a pair of trainers, sneakers, running shoes or sports shoes which you do not wear anymore.

How about making them the stars of a campaign which promotes health through running?

What happens

to your shoes?

Once we've got the 30 pairs from you and your other runners, we get to work. A creative team takes all of the "deserted" pairs and creates all the stars that will communicate with other people who are nice and eager to run.

See you at UVT Liberty Marathon!

What do you

have to do?

1. Find the pair. Make sure the shoes are as colorful as possible even if they are a little worn out
2. Fill in the form between 05.03.2019 - 05.04.2019. Give us some details and send it to us.
3. You get a free ticket to any race. If you are among the first 30 people who contacted us, we let you know how you can get the ticket.

Art.1 General Conditions

The campaign “30 Wanted” is organized by West University of Timisoara and is mentioned in this regulation as “Campaign”. It involves giving away 30 free tickets which grant access to the UVT Liberty Marathon 2019, organized by West University of Timişoara, Blvd. Vasile Pârvan, no. 4.


In order to participate, this is what you have to do:

  1. Find a pair of sports footwear (trainers, sneakers, running shoes or sports shoes), which you will donate to the Organizer in order to use them in a nonconventional campaign to promote the event offline
  2. Fill in the form that you can find on the web address with the required information in order to get a free ticket for the UVT Liberty Marathon, organized on 2nd June 2019.
  3. If you are among the first 30 to send the online form, you will be contacted by a representative of the organizer and you will receive information on how to get your free ticket.


Art.2 Contest venue

The campaign will take place online by promoting it on Facebook social networking, through event partners and offline, so as to facilitate access to the free tickets offered to the top 30 participants interested in donating a pair of sports shoes.


Art.3 Official calendar

You can register the Campaign by filling in the online form between 05.03.2019 – 05.04.2019. During the campaign, but no later than 10.04.2019, the beneficiaries of the free tickets will be notified by a representative of the organizer.


Art.4 Campaign procedures and participation criteria

The campaign is accessible to all individuals, irrespective of their nationality, residence, race, gender or religion, residing in Romania who comply with the requirements of this Regulation and follow the guidelines set out in this regulation to validate their participation.


Each participant is eligible to win one of the 30 tickets offered by the West University of Timisoara for the UVT Liberty Marathon on June 2, 2019. Each person can benefit from one free ticket from the 30 offered by the West University of Timisoara. The campaign is not supported, managed, or associated with Facebook.


Art.5 Winner selection procedure

There will be a validation of  first 30 participants who will send a pair of sports shoes that are in a reasonable condition  and can be used in a UVT Liberty Marathon promotion campaign without affecting the image of the West University of Timisoara or the one of the partners of the event .

The decision on the beneficiaries of the free tickets will be communicated individually to the participants no later than 10.04.2019. West University of Timisoara reserves the right to reject any participant who does not meet the requirements of the Campaign or uses inappropriate language in relation to the organizer.


Art.6 Award

The prizes offered by the West University of Timisoara are 30 free tickets for the event selected by each potential beneficiary through the online contact form.

Each beneficiary will be contacted by the organizer to be informed of how he / she can get the prize until 10.04.2019, after verifying compliance with the conditions for participation in the contest.

If the applicant cannot be contacted or does not do what is requested within 2 days after being contacted, the organizer reserves the right to offer the free ticket to the next applicant in the order in which the completed forms were received by emails.


Art.7 Agreement in principle

Participation in the Campaign requires full acceptance of the terms of this regulation. Participation in the Campaign requires the participant’s implicit agreement that his / her name will be made public and used in the online communication of the Campaign beneficiaries.


Art. 8 Prize money taxes

The organizer undertakes to calculate, withhold and pay the tax owed by the winning participants for the tickets received by them in accordance with Law 571/2003 on the tax code.

Campaign is over.
Keep in touch.

We are waiting for you

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