Any battle is first won with the mind. You have been training so much for this moment, you have invested effort and passion in it, and now it’s time to take the notion of liberty further. On a 42 km route, we can rediscover the first free city of Romania and live an unforgettable experience. Together, we can place Timișoara on the marathon map.

Start/FinishDistanceStarting timeDeadline
UVT42 km09:006 hours



3 x WUT V. Pârvan Av. straight ahead through Michelangelo underground passage C. Coposu Av. right on Pestalozzi St. turn 180 degrees left before Ștefan cel Mare St. junction Pestalozzi St. right on Nistrului Embankment across Regina Maria Park left on 3 August 1919 Av. (on the sidewalk) left on Nistrului Embankmentleft bank of Bega river up to Traian Bridge Tudor Vladimirescu Embankment (on the sidewalk) right across the Metal Bridge right on Nicolae Titulescu Embankment (on the sidewalk) right bank of Bega river turn 180 degrees right before the Decebal Bridge junction (at the exit of the Children’s Park) return on the left bank up to the Hydrotechnical Faculty right on G. Enescu St. across Justice Park right on 20 December 1989 St. right on I.C. Brătianu Av. turn 180 degrees left before the roundabout I.C. Brătianu Av. right on Lucian Blaga St. left across Liberty Square V.V. Delamarina St. left on Mărășești St. across Victory Square (on the west side) turn in front of the Metropolitan Cathedral across Victory Square (on the east side) Alba Iulia St. right across Liberty Square right on L. Blaga St. straight ahead on 20 December 1989 St. straight ahead on M. Viteazu Av. turn 180 degrees right before the Sf. Rozalia St. junction M. Viteazu Av. right on V. Pârvan Av. UVT


  • Official T-shirt
  • Competition number
  • Electronic chip for time keeping
  • Access to refreshment areas, where water, energy drinks, fruit and chocolate are served
  • Medical assistance, in the key spots on the whole route
  • Automatic time keeping service for competitive races: final ranking, email containing information about competition performances and the obtained results
  • Finisher medal for completing the race
  • Pictures taken during the race

The route is completely closed and isolated from the traffic of pedestrians and vehicles offering the runners maximum safety.




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