with us

Event Sponsor

Run with us at the competition which we aim to transmit the idea of ​​freedom. We are together for a better lifestyle. We want to shape the future, to be more and to make a difference.

Event organizer

We started together with the desire to always be one step ahead. We grow and develop the community of people keen on sports and a healthy lifestyle, we aim to be always better.

Race sponsor

We come together and aim to develop the values ​​of a beautiful and free lifestyle. Following the trends, we step forward with confidence and enthusiasm and do not give up.

Race sponsor

In order to raise interest in sports in our community, we run together with our reliable partner, which makes th run alongside e pleasure and benefits of practicing sports accessible to all of us.

Race sponsor

We run together for the values ​​of our community, we support the quality of a beautiful lifestyle, and we want each of us to be ourselves, as we are, beautiful people.